Things To Have In Your Outdoor Survival Kit
Posted on: 2017-11-09, by : Bonnie Vaught

For those that love spending time in the woods, survival kits or travel bags should be your number one companion when out there. In these kits, they are some essentials that should never miss for your stay out there to be bearable. Nowadays, there are many pre-made kits with most essential outdoor accessories. Some of which you might never use. Therefore, it can be great if you assembled one on your own.

What you need to have when going out

Survival knife

Different knives that are best reserved for outdoor enthusiasts. When looking for a survival knife, you do not need a 12-inch blade. The best survival knife to carry should not be too large. It should be something that can help you cut anything and retain its cutting edge. Before buying a knife, you should make your purchase objective by understanding its intended use. A knife should help you with tasks such as shelter building, fire building, first aid, making traps, or for bow drill making.

Gun safe

Depending on where you are going and what you are after, you might think about having a gun. When you want to go out there, you also need to keep your rifle safe. Gun storage while on the wood is best handled by a gun safe. Besides safety, having a gun safe also prevents things like damage and misuse. As a tip, you need to shop for a gun safe that matches your needs.


While on the woods, you should not be tempted to rely on your smart phone for navigation. Instead, you need to have a decent compass for this purpose. With a compass, you also need to a map to help you find your way. Navigation starts by identifying your location. Once you know where you are, it becomes much easier to get to your destination. The good thing about using a compass and a map for navigation is that they will never go out of power, unlike smartphones.


Finding shelter while in the wood is an essential survival strategy. Shelter serves to protect you from inclement weather. Having shelter when out there provides a bit of mental comfort as you think about your next move. As such, outdoor enthusiasts should always have some shelter material. They also need the skill a to build shelter.

The success of any mission on the woods depends on the quality of planning. You need to know where you will be going, for how long, and what you need. Getting some outdoor essential from Survival Envy can be a good way to ensure that you have a good time out there.