Things to Look for in a pet Hair Vacuum Cleaner
Posted on: 2017-11-01, by : Bonnie Vaught
Cute hairy dog

For a fact, we all love spending our times with our pooches. If your pooch spends most of its time indoors, there is a high likelihood that you will find pet hairs on your carpet, floors, carpets, and other items in your home. As much as you love your pet, these hairs are bound to get on your nerves at one point. This situation could turn from bad to worse if your pet is one of those breeds that are fond of shedding excessive hairs. Thus, keeping your house impeccably clean can be an uphill

If you are one those pet owners that are troubled by their pet’s hairs, then, there is no need to worry as some companies have come to the rescue by developing pet vacuums that can commendably remove pet hairs. With the best vacuum for dog hair, you should expect a variance in the quality and functionality of these units. As such, choosing the right unit can be challenging – especially for first-time buyers. To get the best, you should consider reading pet hair vacuum cleaners to see what other users are saying about the product. Besides, here are some features to look for when shopping for a pet hair vacuum.

Features to Look for

Suction Power

The suction power dictates the effectiveness of any pet hair vacuum in taking in pet hairs. As such, when shopping for this vacuum, it is advisable to buy a unit that offers the highest suction power.

HEPA Filter

Mouse cleaning chores release some allergens and dust particles into the air. This can affect the quality of life of the inhabitants of the house. For instance, these two elements can trigger an allergic response or even asthmatic attacks. To address this, the unit chosen should have a heap filter to ensure that dust and allergens do not get into the air. With a HEPA filter, you can remove these particles from the air.

Dust Bag Indicator

dogWhat happens ones the hair and dust particles fill the pet hair vacuum? For the best functionality, the vacuum cleaner needs to empty periodically. As such, choose a pet hair vacuum cleaner that has an indicator to let you know when you need to empty the bag.


For a fact, there are certain areas in your home or upholstery that are cannot be accessed by the pet vacuum. As such, you need to shop for a unit that comes with an assortment of cleaning tools to help clean or make to areas accessible.