The Revolution Of Floor Safety Methods
Posted on: 2016-10-26, by : Bonnie Vaught
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When it comes to some serious work like construction work, the safety of workers should be the priority number one. The workers are crucial in every operation, so it is important that they have a safety equipment as well as a safe working environment. In the History of Kanban, construction workers often worked on construction sites that were very slippery and dirty necessitating innovations of safety precaution measures that reduced accidents. However, this has significantly improved with time as better experts come up with floor safety measures. This article will provide you the proper information on the revolution of floor safety precautions that we enjoy in the modern world.

The revolution of Floor Safety measures

Why is it important to have a floor safety method?

According to some statistic, in Canada, there are more than 42000 workers who are injureddsfdsfsdfsdfsf because of falling or slipping on the floor. The majority of these injuries is connected with slips and trips (66%), while only 33% of total injuries are occurring because falling from high objects like ladders or roof. That is a tremendous number of injuries caused by poor floor safety. A construction site can include some of the floor safety methods which will result in a significant saving of funds and liabilities.

Why many injuries

The majority of injuries occur because of poor floor safety that leads to slips and trips. A slip is described as the lack of friction between worker’s footwear and the surface which is caused by wet and oil surface, spills, hazards and different traction of objects on the floor. A trip is an event when a worker hits or strikes another object that causes the loss of balance and fall.

The needful

These are the most common injuries at a construction site, but these can be easily reduced by implementing some floor safety methods. The revolution of floor safety methods brings a whole new set of safety instructions that will protect your workers and money.

The most used floor safety methods

There are many of different methods that are used to increase a safety of workers. To avoid slips and trips, the most common methods are: cleaning all spills of the floor, putting warning signs where something is spilled, sweeping a spilled liquid, and removing objects from the working area which can cause falls. A safe working area should be lit all the time.

The revolution of floor safety methods brings a new trend in securing a workplace – installation of mats and pressure sensitive strips that will protect a worker from slipping. Also, a worker should wear a proper footwear that fits a current workplace.