GPS Vehicle Tracking- A Modern Approach of Tracking vehicles
Posted on: 2016-08-03, by : Raymond Thomas
Mobile phone showing directions

GPS trackers are a one-stop solution to pinpoint the location of a vehicle. This technology has been integrated into various systems, but the most common application is the turn by turn directions given by GPS units installed in the cars. Nowadays, people are also using GPS trackers to keep track of their children or their possessions. With particular apps or even computer systems, these trackers allow a person to see the location of their vehicle on a map.

Elements of a GPS Tracker

GPS trackers are tiny, yet sturdy devices. They have two main parts:

  1. GPS receiver (built-in component)sAfdgsdzgx
  2. Cellular Radio Transmitter

These devices can quickly locate their positions and then transmit their data to a server using a cellular network. This implies that they need wireless connectivity to relay the signals. While some gps vehicle tracking system have a cost of service as their initial price, most of them require a service plan from a telecommunications company. Monthly subscriptions may cost anywhere between $10 to $40 on average.

Features of a good GPS Vehicle Tracking System:

Real Time Tracking

Any tracking system can be used to track the location of a vehicle as it moves from one point to another. Besides, it can also reveal the condition of the vehicle- whether it is parked, idle or moving. These stats are provided using guide markers.

User Management and Access Controls

This is especially useful for entrepreneurs who can add or change the user profiles and also manage their user privileges. It also allows group tracking of several vehicles and also checking on their reports together, as a whole.


Alerts can be configured to speeding, idling, stopping or even when a vehicle has reached a particular destination. Maintenance alerts and alerts for fuel pilferage prove to be convenient when a GPS vehicle tracking system is installed for personal use.


This feature allows the operator to set geographic limits on a map, around a landmark. If the vehicle moves in or out of this geo-wall, an alert is immediately conveyed, thus increasing security.

Other Features while selecting a quality GPS Vehicle Tracking System:

Battery Life

Motion activated trackers have 2-3 times better battery life when compared to trackers that function solely on update intervals. Notably, the battery life increases with the size of the tracker.

Hardware Quality

cDAVBFAcVarious factors like the quality of materials used, ease of operation, button quality, ability to change ports, quality of the port covers, ability to withstand damage and portability must be inspected.

Panic Buttons and Voice Calling

Panic Buttons allow the trackers to trigger an E-mail or Text alert to preselected email addresses or phone numbers. Voice calling allows the bearer to call a number (preselected) by hitting a button on the device.