The Best Type of Mattress for Back Pain
Posted on: 2016-08-23, by : Bonnie Vaught
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For you to get a good sleep, you have to get a lot of various factors right. Such factors include stress level, room temperature, and comfort. However, all these factors are less effective if you do not have a good mattress; a good mattress comes as the basic of a restful slumber.

More than 80% of Americans suffer from back pain- either lower, upper, or middle back pain- at least once in their lifetime. Therefore, it is a common occurrence waking up in the morning with back pain. This unnecessary pain is caused by body pains and aches that result from uncomfortable mattresses and pillows. Therefore, if you suffer from back pains and aches, you can avoid them by choosing the right kind of mattress. This article highlights the best type of mattress for reducing back pain- the Tuft and Needle.

Tuft and Needle mattresses


jhssa7sajhsasaThe Tuft and Needle mattress is a 10-inch foam mattress that is made in America. It is a little more bouncy than the memory foam but less bouncy than the latex foam. It is a simple mattress with no frills, and thereby, a lower price point.

It has 7 inches high-density support foam and its surface is a polyester/ rayon blend. This mattress has localized movements that make sure that sleeping partners are not disturbed.


It is a good mattress makes sure that, whenever you lie down, your body will always lie flat and be supported continuously by the mattress surface. Your weight will, therefore, be distributed uniformly to lessen stress on the spine. It is not too hard and not too soft. It is fine tuned to comfortably and evenly distribute your body weight. Thereby, with this mattress, your spine will always stay straight and ensure that your shoulders, neck, upper, middle and lower necks stay healthy.


This mattress weighs 70 pounds and measures 80 X 60 X 10 Inches. This product goes for $600 on Amazon.

Factors to consider when using this mattress include the longevity of the mattress. Though a mattress does not have a standard life span, mattresses should be replaced roughly 7-10 years. New mattresses give the best results for those trying to maintain a healthy posture and spine.

However, this mattress does not come with a platform bed, and therefore, you will need to purchase it on your own. In addition, you cannot try it before purchase.

Is it the best mattress for lower back pain?

hgsahgsa76asjsaThe above mattress is cheap and is designed to alleviate back pains and aches. It has plenty of positive reviews that underpin its effectiveness in alleviating backaches and pains.

To help you decide as to what is best mattress for lower back pain, you can also check out the reviews on memory foam mattresses.