Belly Bars – The new Trend
Posted on: 2017-09-18, by : Raymond Thomas
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Navel piercings have been with us for many years. The beauty and aesthetic nature of ornaments and piercing is what has kept them so popular for all these years. However, this trend is not expected to change anytime soon. There are different types of piercings and various types of body jewelry that can be worn on these piercings like belly bars. If at all you want to try out a different form of piercing other than navel piercing, you should then try belly bars.

What are Belly Bars?sDREATHYRJ

Simply put, belly bars are a variation of barbells that are made for a navel piercing. Like with most types of ornaments worn of different piercings, they are made from different materials and sizes to suit the varying user preferences. Considering the size, the length of belly bars varies considerably ranging from small units that are not very conspicuous to larger units that are easy to see. The size chosen not only depends on an individual but also the objective of wearing it.

Belly Bar Designs

Currently, the number of women with belly bars has increased considerably. Moreover, in the past, these units were very straightforward and understated. However, this has since changed with different manufacturers using different materials and shades. Currently, most designs are more ornate with the balls at the ends having neat finishes, shapes and logos. This variation has injected some diversity that has made it easy to achieve a unique or personalised appearance from wearing these units.

The New Trend

Nowadays, belly bars are fun and comfortable to wear. This is not limited to whether you are wearing them to look attractive or just for the sake of wearing them. With the wide variety in the market, you can do an online search to see the designs available before choosing which of those is right for you.

wDargwrgwDWhen shopping for navel jewelry like belly bars, there are two critical measurements should be looked into closely. These measurements include the width of the ring and the diameter of the bar. In this regard, the most common size used in a belly button ring should be somewhere close to 7/16’ weighing  14g. However, there is a variation of this standard measure in case you are not comfortable with this specification.

Belly button piercing is among the most commonly done piercing in the US. Belly piercing is second to ear piercing. To get the best out of wearing belly bars, you only need to buy the right unit. A good buy will make you feel comfortable and admirable.