Various Physiotherapy Methods
Posted on: 2017-07-12, by : Raymond Thomas
Back massage

Physiotherapists are specialists in their fields of practice, just like the way a surgeon is. From sprains to strains and fractures to bruises, they can help restore your body back to its normal performance. If you have a less injury case, physiotherapy can help you recover without the need of surgical intervention. Even for serious injuries, they can help you recover quickly after surgery. Physiotherapy Singapore has undergone a lot of transformation. In this post, you will learn some physiotherapy techniques and methods.

Physiotherapy techniques


t2gwed6chwed8ci2You should note that these experts have a passion for helping others. This explains why they do some things manually like hands-on approaches. The common examples include massaging, stretching, and compressing. In fact, manual therapy is the foundation of any particular treatment plan that is prescribed by physiotherapists. They know that it can help patients to recover better and quickly.

Physiotherapy with drugs

In some instances, physiotherapy should be carried out with the use of medical drugs. For instance, injuries like muscle strains, it does appear to be beneficial when a patient is prescribed ointment and muscle relaxant drugs with interferential therapy that uses electrical signals. In this way, it produces soft massaging effects, which stimulate the body to produce endorphins for the natural pain relief.


Physiotherapists utilize ultrasound to penetrate beyond the subcutaneous tissue layer. It loosens the layer in preparation for physical therapy. It gives a mild touch of heat to warm and expand the surrounding tissues. In this way, it increases blood flow and even speeds up healing rate.

Physiotherapy with surgery

Some injuries are quite serious and need surgery in combination with physiotherapy to achieve the best results. Physiotherapy ought to start earlier before surgery. This will help the patient to strengthen his or her muscle groups and beef up his body. Post-surgery physiotherapy includes regaining back full range of motion. This prevents scarring tissues formation and regaining full fitness and condition after surgery.

Electrical stimulations

tg3wedfche7dfci922Physiotherapists apply electrical stimulations in recommended dosages and in a controlled way to stimulate a patient’s muscles to contract. This is quite important for patients that have suffered traumatic injuries that make them lose muscular functions. When they use electrical stimulations; proper functions and movement can be restored quickly.

Good ol’ physiotherapy

This is done in minor cases where physiotherapy can be used on its own to help a patient recover. Some of these cases include ankle sprains. In this case, massage can help increase blood flow and improve the rate of recovery.